Introduction & Career Crossroad Quiz

Hey my friend,

I am glad you are here and I believe you are looking for a meaningful and fulfilling career, where you are waking up excited, engaged and inspired to go to work. Yes, you are the in right place!!

Let’s kick it off by talking about career fulfilment for a minute. I see you.. wanting a career that you deeply care about. I’ve worked with countless clients who are in the same boat. 

The question that begs to be asked is, why are so many people not living out their dreams? Perhaps they believed they didn’t have the time, money, or willpower to pursue what they really wanted. Or perhaps, they took whatever job helped them pay their bills for the month (or what other people told them was the best option) and eventually forgot to ask themselves why they’d settled.  

About 900 million people around the world feel unfulfilled in their daily lives and 70% of workers are unhappy in their current job. How crazy is that? 

So grab a pen and some paper, and let’s take a quick quiz on career crossroad to see how it might be affecting you. I’m going to list a symptom, and you’re going to record a ONE for any that you have. At the end, we’ll add the numbers for a total score. To repeat, if your answer is YES to the question, write down a 1. No one will see the score except you, so be honest!

Let's start with a quick quiz to see how maybe being in a career crossroad might be affecting you

1. Are You Having Sunday Night Blues... Every Night Of The Week?

2. Is your Job Taking a Toll On Your Health & Relationship?

3. Are You Spending Almost Every Day Procrastinating Or Feeling Bored At Work?

4. Do You Feel Like What You’re Doing As A Job Is A Waste Of Time?

5. Are You Feeling Like You Are Not Learning New Things Or Skills At Your Job?

6. Are You Consistently Stressed Or Unhappy About Work-Related Issues?

7. Are You Feeling Unmotivated Or Like You Don’t Really Care Anymore?

8. Are You Feeling This Is Not The Career You Are Meant To Have?

9. Are You Often Finding Yourself Asking " Is This All There Is?

If you answered YES to all or most, then it’s time to consider a new direction. Walking away from the wrong career is a big step. It can take a lot of courage, but it’s worth your happiness. 

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